news golden turtle
13 May 2023

Believe that you will be lucky. The lottery neck meets “Golden Turtle”. You can’t miss it. “Lucky number for this round”. Win rich 16/5/66

The villagers found the “golden turtle”, believed to be an auspicious turtle that brings good luck. Lottery neck can’t miss. “lucky numbers for this draw” go buy “lottery tickets” to win rich 16/5/66

Golden Turtle

On May 12, 2023, reporters reported that Mr. Somphot Wang Manao, Ban Pong District, Ratchaburi Province, found a golden turtle. which is a turtle Since the shell head and all 4 feet are golden yellow. with both sides of the cheeks being pink The body size is about 30 centimeters long.

Mr. Somphote revealed that in the morning of May 11, while his uncle rode a sidecar on a motorcycle to run errands. Happened to glance and see something on the floor in front of the house. At first I thought it was a cardboard box. therefore intending to walk in and keep it out of the way when approaching Found a strange turtle. is gold all over the body The uncle brought it to him to help take care of him. by eating morning glory, water lily and snails as food Then, when it was adopted, it was found that the turtle was complete, strong, without any wounds or marks. The belly looked like a turtle on the top. including noticing additional extras

In addition to the gold color of the turtle The tortoiseshell above also has a black heart symbol. The left side of the abdomen There is a black triangle similar to Phra Somdet, personally, I believe that this golden turtle is an auspicious turtle that will bring good fortune. together with the close of the election Therefore intends to try luck at numbers 14, 41, 714 and 741, including number 68, which is the house number of Uncle Chai to win luck as well.

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