Excited lottery player Red candle tears are very beautiful numbers 2
13 Jun 2023

Excited lottery player Red candle tears are very beautiful numbers. lucky people share to win rich this draw

The lottery neck needs to look before the lottery is drawn. Tears of red candles, numbers are very beautiful. Plus, it’s similar to lucky incense numbers.

Excited lottery player Red candle tears are very beautiful numbers

On June 12, 2023, reporters reported from the worship yard in front of Kham Chanod Island, Wang Nakin, Ban Dung District, Udon Thani Province that today at the worship yard in front of Kham Chanod Island, Ban Non Mueang, Village No. 11, Ban Muang Subdistrict, Ban Dung District, Province. Udon Thani has many tourists come to pay homage to pray for good fortune from Father Pu Srisuttho and Mother Grandmother Sri Pathumma are uninterrupted.

Because the sacrifice ground in front of the island Visitors who come to pay homage to their parents can light incense and candles. And it is also the point of making a sacrifice to pay homage to receive wealth on a daily basis. This spot is crowded with a sacrifice table every day. Today, it was crowded since the morning as before, with “Father Jum” of Koh Kham Chanot. is the one who leads the ceremony

There’s an interesting table. The owner came to perform a sacrifice ceremony to open the property to receive luck since the morning from Bangkok. His father, Chawakan Khamwansa, was his father, who took him to perform a sacrificial ceremony to open the property. Wishing you good luck, may your business prosper. After Father Jampa finished the ceremony, it was indispensable to shine at the holy water bowl. The owner of the table brought a mobile phone to take a picture of candle tears and looked for numbers, saying that there were 489,984 numbers. Each person’s eyes would see different numbers.

Certain parts do not have to be difficult to see and do not have to be difficult to hit the numbers. Immediately, the host of the table had lit incense sticks under the bowl of holy water. Seen as the number 794,497 which has numbers similar to holy water bowls Those who like to gamble will use the numbers to buy lottery tickets for the 16th day of June.

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