lucky numbers It grows like a Naga
12 Dec 2023

Give you luck in many draws in a row! coconut tree lucky numbers It grows like a Naga. Lottery fans hope to be rich again.

Phimai villagers are excited. The top of the coconut is shaped like a Naga. It has given me good luck for many consecutive periods.

Today (December 11, 2023) at the edge of a rice field at Ban Nong Bua, Village No. 3, Tha Luang Subdistrict, Phimai District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province, Mr. Prakob Daoklang, 72 years old, the owner of the rice field, took reporters to see coconut trees with strange characteristics. The top area is similar to the head of a Naga. which villagers know the news Many people come to worship and pray for good fortune according to their beliefs.

lucky numbers It grows like a Naga 2

which Mr. Prakob The owner of the coconut tree revealed that the top of this coconut tree is bent. The curls are bent back and forth like the head of a serpent. The trunk is normally not as tall as a normal coconut tree. It was planted on the edge of a rice field for about 2 years. It is a fragrant coconut. It has beautiful, strangely shaped leaves. And there are also other leaves that come out like the tail of the Naga. Villagers who heard the news came to light incense sticks and candles. Bring the garland to worship and ask for good fortune and lucky numbers. which many people believe It is likely that the Naga came to live in this coconut tree. and bring good fortune to the villagers I’ve won the lottery many times.

As for the numbers that the villagers asked for this time with incense sticks, the numbers 69 and 70 appeared on the tip of the incense sticks.

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