Great Grandfather Chao Khao Thao Wessuwan
29 Sep 2023

“Great Grandfather Chao Khao” Thao Wessuwan of the Songkhla Sea asks to pay homage to receive good fortune by making a vow with a red cloth.

“Grandfather Chao Khao” Thao Wessuwan of the Songkhla Sea at Bo Sap Temple, Singhanakhon District, Songkhla Province, has been around for more than 83 years and is popular among locals who come to worship and ask for good fortune. In the past, there was a constant stream of people coming to pay respects. and spread the word according to belief Until some people have to take a plane to come far. to ask for good fortune and gamble

Great Grandfather Chao Khao Thao Wessuwan 2

On a normal evening at Wat Bo Sap, Singhanakhon District, Songkhla Province, there are still people continuously coming up to ask for blessings from “Great Grandfather Chao Khao” with a local guide. Take tourists to walk to each point. Before walking up the mountain It is a high cliff that receives the sea breeze. By the ancient statue of “Great Grandfather Chao Khao” or Thao Wessuwan which has a distinctive identity for more than 83 years, standing tall and outstanding

A local guide at Wat Bo Sap said that from the past, people in the village near the temple called him “Great Tuat Chao Khao”. It was built 83 years ago by the second abbot of the temple who was the inventor. because there was a dream Therefore, a technician was brought in to have the face shaped according to the vision. You will dress differently than Thao Wessuwan in other areas. But there is something outstanding. He faced the sea. Villagers believe that he helps protect the people in the area.
Villagers and people outside the area Popular to ask for luck and fortune Many people are successful Make a lot of vows So you can see necklaces and silverware decorated around the body.

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