Hilarity, "Cow Fog", a strange, beautiful gray calf. Hurry up to see the lucky number for this draw 16/5/66
06 May 2023

Hilarity, “Cow Fog”, a strange, beautiful gray calf. Hurry up to see the lucky number for this draw 16/5/66

The villagers flocked to see the “fog color cow” after the cow gave birth to a strange gray color. believe in luck Prepare to speculate on lucky numbers for this round 16/5/66

Yesterday (May 5), reporters received news from Kut Thong villagers, Village No. 2, Tambon Traum, Sikhoraphum District. Surin Province that a cow about 5 years old gave birth to a male calf It has a beautiful gray color. And there is a lot of loveliness to those who see it.

therefore traveled to see At the cow owner’s house, known as Mr. Thitisak Rattanawiwat, 46 years old, residing at number 83, Village No. 2, Tambon Treum, Sikhoraphum District. Surin Province

Mr. Thitisak said that his cow is 5 years old, the breeder Braman mixes Charolais, yellow and red. There are a total of 8 cows. On May 2, at 11:00 a.m., the cow itself gave birth to a male child. But strangely, the color is different from the general cow. It is gray and very beautiful. When the villagers heard the news, they flocked to see the house.

Mrs. Laet Datthuyawat, 66, who is Mr. Thitisak’s mother-in-law, said that the date of birth was May 2, 2023 at 11:00 a.m. It was very difficult to give birth. So they help each other pull their legs out of the uterus.

After pulling it out, it looks different in color than normal cows. It is gray, or the villagers call it “Cow Si Mok”, so it was named “Pa Tao”. It is considered auspicious with the family.

However, the villagers still believe that it is a cow that was born to bring luck to the owner of the house as well. So take a look at the house registration number along with the date of birth of the calf to find the lucky number for this draw, 16 May 2023, to win luck as well

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