Jao Mae Daeng
26 Sep 2023

Jao Mae Daeng, an abandoned hotel by the sea Heian gives luck to win the lottery in the entire sub-district, reveals 3 lucky numbers for this draw.

speak with one voice Jao Mae Daeng, an abandoned hotel by the sea Heian gives luck to win the lottery in the entire sub-district, reveals 3 lucky numbers for this draw.

On September 25 at 6:00 p.m. at Phayun Beach, Ban Chang District, Rayong Province, there is a hair-raising belief story. There were rumors of a haunted spirit of a woman wearing a sash appearing first. Luck in the last 2 government lottery numbers of the past draw.

Reporters went to the area to verify the rumors and found Mr. Sakorn Thongkliang, age 70, a local fisherman who took him for a short walk along the beach until he found a large crab claw tree that had been washed down into the sea. A shrine was found with Thai clothing piled up at the base of the tree trunk, as well as plates and bowls with offerings scattered all over the area where the wind and waves were hitting the shore at an abandoned hotel.

Jao Mae Daeng 2

Mr. Sakorn said that the haunted spirit he was referring to was the Daeng Goddess. Recently, someone received the last two digits of the last Government Lottery from the Daeng Goddess. It is expected that almost the entire lottery will win.
As for the belief, it is widely known that this Red Goddess is truly haunted. She has appeared to many people and many have gone into dreams to receive good fortune.

Mr. Niyom Sema, 73 years old, a retired civil servant who lives in the area, told a mysterious story about a dream that the Red Goddess had. He dreamed of a large white swan flying into the sea. At that time, he talked with a friend who was a director about using a gun to shoot until the swan fell into the sea. Then he hugged him and found a beautiful woman. Until there was a discussion and the lucky number was given as number 305 in the upcoming government lottery draw.

Ms. Suwatani Chandrasuk, age 46 years, meatball vendor It is confirmed that this shrine is old and has a long history of the haunted story of the Red Goddess, who recently got lucky from the last two numbers of the last government lottery draw.

Mr. New, another fried meatball vendor, said that his former self I used to be an employee of a hotel that closed many decades ago. At that time, I saw it with my own eyes, along with two other friends, and saw a beautiful woman walking past wearing a binder. Until they had to run away quickly, causing a fright for the whole community because they hadn’t seen it just once and it was seen very often.

However, upon inspecting the area, it was found that a large crab claw tree had been hit by the sea waves causing it to die. As for the belief story, it is said by some villagers that they lived together with a female spirit. A beautiful woman wearing a binder who was seen

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