lucky numbers from Bang Fai Phaya Nak
30 Oct 2023

Lottery fans flock to check out the “lucky numbers” from Bang Fai Phaya Nak. They smile brightly as they get the lucky numbers they like to win for the draw 1/11/66.

Lottery fans don’t miss out, flocking to check out the “lucky numbers” of the Naga Rockets for the year 2023. Smiling as they find a variety of numbers they like. It is intended to be used as a guide to winning luck for the 1/11/2023 draw.

On October 30, 2023, it was reported that on the night of the end of Buddhist Lent, the 15th day of the waxing moon of the 11th lunar month every year, it is a time when many people look forward to the phenomenon of Naga rockets. This year it falls on October 29th.

This year, PR.Nongkhai, Nong Khai Provincial Public Relations Office Statistical data has been collected. The phenomenon of Naga rockets in the year 2023 found that Rattanawapi District had a total of 243, while Phon Phisai District had a total of 46.

Meanwhile, in Bueng Kan Province, there were reports that there were many tourists in the area along the Mekong River, Lan Phaya Naga, and along the Mekong River, Ban Tha Sawan, Ban Tai, in the area of Pak Khat Subdistrict, Pak Khat District. must be disappointed with the phenomenon of Naga rockets Because this year there were no rockets rising from the Mekong River like every year in the past.

And what cannot be missed are the gamblers, many of whom hope to use the statistics of the Naga Rockets phenomenon for the year 2023 as a guide to try their luck in the lottery for the 1 November 2023 draw, including numbers 243, 46, 64 and number 289, which are the top numbers. Combine the items from both districts according to each person’s preferences.

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