Lottery fans whisper to ask for luck King Chang Mahasetthi
18 Nov 2023

Lottery fans whisper to ask for luck. “King Chang Mahasetthi” didn’t forget to look at the “lucky numbers” from the holy water basin.

Wat Phai Khaek is bustling Devotees come to pay their respects and whisper to ask for good fortune from “King Chang Mahasetthi”. Don’t miss out on checking out the “lucky numbers” on candle tears in a holy water basin to get a chance to win the draw on 16/11/66.

On November 15, 2023, reporters reported that At Uthumpararam Temple or Phai Khaek Temple, Don Pho Thong Subdistrict, Mueang District, Suphan Buri Province, near the government lottery draw day. Found many fortune seekers traveling together. with Lopburi people Came to make merit on his birthday. and came to anoint the palms for good luck, Na Setthi with Luang Pu Dusit, who saw the number 438 on the palm and also corresponded to the date of birth Luang Pu Dusit then tied his wrists with a banknote. The last number is 220, which the person is preparing to take to gamble. There was also a person who successfully sold his land and brought 700 kilograms of rice to distribute to the people.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Chanita Netprapit brought one tent with drinks. Came to offer to Father Khun Chang Because in the past period I prayed for blessings and got lucky. Receiving nearly 60,000 baht, he traveled to bring items to make a vow.

Lottery fans whisper to ask for luck King Chang Mahasetthi 2

Like many people who have come to pay their respects and ask for blessings. “Khun Chang Mahasetthi” whispered in his ear, kissed his cheek and asked for blessings and looked at the lucky number from a candle’s teardrop in a tub of holy water to see the number 6538. There was also a girl from Nonthaburi who came to kiss King Chang’s cheek. and brought 49 packets of pear snacks to offer. After coming for the first time, they returned with a fortune of hundreds of thousands of baht.

There were also people who came to shake the giant Siamese. Mr. Sathit Chuprasit, 53 years old, from Lao Khwan District, Kanchanaburi Province, said that since worshiping King Chang at Wat Phai Khaek I’ve been lucky many times. The maximum is a hundred thousand baht. This time I shook the giant Siemsi and got the number 663.

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