lottery player happy Sacrifice Takian for 2 thousand years
15 Jun 2023

lottery player happy Sacrifice Takian for 2 thousand years, giving luck and riches in the previous draw, 3 lucky numbers appeared again

Very accurate. Takian Mae Ya Ruen Thong 2 thousand years. Give luck to the villagers to win the lottery. Rich in the whole village after inviting the abbot of Wat Pa Prong Charoen therefore invited to join the temple and held a sacrifice ceremony to repay the mercy that bestows fortune Before getting 3 lucky numbers, the lucky gambler got a chance to win this draw

At 9:00 a.m. on June 15, 2023, in the area of Wat Pa Prong Charoen, Moo 17, Khok Phu Subdistrict, Phu Phan District, Sakon Nakhon Province, villagers from many villages came to join in the sacrifice ceremony. “Mae Ya Ruenthong”, an ancient Takian tree, over 2,000 years old, after giving luck to the villagers who won a lot of lottery Previously, in 2016, Khok Phu Kao villagers found an ancient Takian tree in Huai E Don. in the middle of Phu Phan mountain range while dredging the creek to solve the drought problem The forest officials measure 17.44 meters in length, with a circumference of more than 4 meters, examining the wood tissue, it is estimated that it is over 2,000 years old, so villagers have performed a ceremony to bring it out of the water. and made a place to dwell at the edge of Huai E-Don There are many villagers who visit and ask for good fortune.

lottery player happy Sacrifice Takian

Later, in May 2023, Mae Ya Ruenthong had a dream, the abbot of Wat Pa Prong Charoen. request to live in the temple area The abbot therefore discussed with the villagers of the 3 nearby villages. Consequently, there was a resolution to invite Mae Ya Ruean Thong to reside within the temple. So he said merit to his relatives. Bring backhoes and trailers to move. with many villagers joining in the inviting ceremony of Mae Ya Ruen Thong Therefore took the registration numbers of backhoes and trailers to gamble. It appears that they won a lot of lottery numbers. And it is believed that it is because of the holiness of Mae Ya Rueanthong that brings good fortune to the villagers. Therefore, it was agreed to arrange a sacrifice ceremony for Mother Ya Ruan Thong today. in return for mercy, giving fortune to the villagers and inviting Mae Ya Rueanthong to reside in the temple according to ancient rituals

which today’s ceremony has a set of sweet and savory food assorted fruits as well as the offerings according to the ritual texts, complete in the grand ceremony as well as the worship dances of the villagers and dancers according to the beliefs of the villagers After that, there was a lucky incense burning ceremony of the Brahmans who performed the ceremony to get the number 853, allowing all the gamblers who traveled to participate in the ceremony to take the numbers from the auspicious incense sticks to try their luck according to their beliefs.

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