Lottery players buy lucky numbers
21 Oct 2023

Lottery players buy “lucky numbers” from the abbot of a famous temple in Khon Kaen after his death, hoping for the draw 1/11/66.

Lottery enthusiasts buy the age number of the abbot of a famous temple in Khon Kaen to get a chance to win the draw of 1/11/66 after his death. It is revealed that it sold very well, every batch was sold out.

At 11:00 a.m. on October 21, 2023, reporters went to the area to inspect government lottery ticket stalls. At the area of Wat Nong Waeng, Royal Monastery, Khon Kaen Municipality. It was found that many people came to buy numbers related to Phrakru Pariyatthammawong Assoc. Prof. Dr. Abbot of Wat Nong Waeng, Phra Aram Luang, Deputy Abbot of Phra Yuen District who passed away on October 19th. It was found that age numbers and Buddhist Lent numbers sell very well.

Lottery players buy lucky numbers 2

Mr. Wirat Ritthisen, 47 years old, 14 Village No. 7, Khok Sa-at Subdistrict, Kalasin Province, a government lottery ticket seller, said he met with the abbot when he had not yet been appointed as an abbot. You are a friendly person. He likes to walk around and chat with the merchants and relatives who come to the temple regularly. But he was a person who had a chronic disease until his death. It’s a pity that he was an abbot for only 2 years. He liked to walk up and talk with people who came to pay homage to the Phra Borommahathat. Ask people who come to visit the temple. In the temple, there are people who love and respect you.

Mr. Wirat further added that After his death, people would come to buy his age numbers: 60-06, 16-61, and his age 36, which were very popular numbers. Today, that number category is completely sold out. And there are people who come and ask every day. Merchants and sellers probably have to find a category of numbers related to you to serve customers because there are a lot of people asking and buying.

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