Father Pu Srisuttho
02 Sep 2023

Lottery players pay homage to the shrine of Father Pu Srisuttho. The toad shows up at a good time. Look at your stomach and get lucky numbers.

Lottery players pay homage to the shrine of Father Pu Srisuttho. The toad shows up at a good time. Catch the pregnancy and get the lucky numbers clearly. Lucky draw on 1 Sep. 2023.

(Aug. 30, 2023) in the afternoon, the sky opens in the area of Udon Thani after the rain has stopped. At Sri Da Ram Temple, Ban Kham Sida, Na Chum Saeng Sub-district, Thung Fon District, Udon Thani Province, there are tourists visiting the temple to pay respects from the Naga statue that climbs up from the Kham Sida Pond. Phaya Naga Pho Pu Si Suttho, 31 meters long, very beautiful, which tourists will come to pray for fortune according to belief and see the beauty.

lottery Father Pu Srisuttho

Most recently, brothers and sisters from Phen District Led by a former village headman and former candidate MPs in the area of Phen District, District 3, Mr. Boonmee Yenya has brought his children and grandchildren to pay homage to pray for fortune and prosperity for himself and his family.

While going up to pay homage to the statue of Father Pu Si Suttho at Pu Shrine Get a new one, get the same number, 67,76, still not enough to win the lucky incense number, seeing only two appear. Normally, when lighting incense sticks for good luck, there are usually three of them. But last time I saw only two, namely 14,41.

At that moment, he looked at the flower pot. Noticed a large toad in the pot. Village headman Bunmee picked it up and looked at the toad’s belly. Someone said that they saw three numbers 722,227, so many people took them to gamble in the draw on September 1.

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