Lucky numbers for the main kilo - News
16 Sep 2023

Lucky numbers for the main kilo 16/9/66, this draw has arrived. Lottery fans take note quickly!

It’s getting close. For the government lottery draw Saturday draw, September 16, 2023. Lottery fans are searching for the lucky numbers that they like. One of them is the lucky number of Kilohian. From the Kilo Pillar Shrine Where lottery fans come to ask for luck near this lottery day.

Lucky numbers for the main kilo - News 2

(It’s a personal belief. Please use your discretion)

Recently, the YouTube channel Khon Surin TV, Khon Surin TV, posted a clip of the atmosphere of the ceremony to ask for lucky numbers from Achan Jadet at the Kilo Shrine area, Surin Province, at kilometer marker 27, Sikhoraphum-Sanom-Rattanaburi Road. Kalamae Subdistrict, Sikhoraphum District, Surin Province, among the people who came to see the numbers from the holy water bowl at Jedet District, lit incense sticks to perform a ceremony to open the way to ask for luck and good fortune for the Government Lottery draw in the 16/9 draw. /66

After the holy water candle lighting ceremony was finished, Achan Jedet took candle teardrops from the holy water bowl and beat them into numbers as follows.

Lucky number for this period 16/9/66

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