Parade to ask for lucky numbers
07 Apr 2023

Parade to ask for lucky numbers, giant golden takian tree, size 3 people embrace

The villagers found a Takhianthong tree, sized 3 people, 40 meters long, in a ditch, estimated to be 200-300 years old. “Chao Mae Thipsuda” cries for joy that someone took it out of the water.

At 10:30 a.m. on April 5, 2023, the reporter was informed by villagers in Pak Pong, Pak Man Sub-district, Dan Sai District, Loei Province that a giant Takian Thong tree was found in the Sam Khaen Canal. At the end of the village, about 2 km, therefore went to check It was found that more than 200 villagers were lighting incense and candles, offering sweet food and liquor to perform a ceremony to invite a giant takhian tree in the river channel. and a gong was hit to open the way And a young woman in the village enters a medium of Chao Mae Thipsuda, crying, delighted that someone will bring the Takianthong tree to worship. and waited a long time After a while, the spirit of Chao Mae Thipsuda left her body.

Mr. Wichien Wanthongsuk, 74 years old, Makthayok Wat Phosri, Ban Pak Pong, said that 6-7 years ago, he saw a Takian Thong tree nestled in the forest. Until the forest fire spread until the tree burned into a hole until the Takianthong tree fell down It is about 40 meters long. 3 people embrace it. When the villagers hear the news, they bring flowers. Popped rice is sprinkled on the Takhian Thong tree, seen as a lucky number 904, then brought to a ceremony to bring it to be kept at Wat Pho Si, Ban Pak Pong for the villagers to continue to worship.

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