People flock to make offerings to Thao Wessuwan
19 Oct 2023

People flock to make offerings to “Thao Wessuwan” in the pose of a rich magnate, without interruption, believing it to bring luck.

Villagers continuously flocked to make vows after believing that “Thao Wessuwan” in the pose of a rich wealth tycoon at Wat Srisamoon, Khlong 7, brings luck.

On October 19, 2023, it was reported that at Sri Samoson Temple, Khlong 7, Nong Suea District, Pathum Thani Province, yesterday (October 18, 2023), villagers from all over were found. They flock together to make merit, pay homage, ask for blessings, and make offerings to the “Lord Thao Wessuwan” (pang asking for blessings and fulfilling wishes) or as the villagers often affectionately call him, Chao Sua Ruaysap, which has a unique identity. specific shape “The only one in Thailand The left hand holds a bag of money and a bag of gold. Standing guard over the treasure chest.”

Built with an ancient gold-casting ceremony since 2016, it was consecrated by many famous monks throughout Thailand, such as Luang Pu Khaek of Wat Sunthon Pradit, the monk’s president Luang Por It and Phrakhru Sirithamanusit or Luang Por (Manee Thanya). Yatinno) The abbot who passed away before his death.

People flock to make offerings to Thao Wessuwan 2

As people come to make merit, pay homage and ask for blessings from Thao Wes (Chao Sua Ruaysap) at Wat Sri Samoson Khlong 7, rumors often spread by word of mouth that they come and ask for blessings and they will be successful and have their wishes fulfilled as desired, whether it be in matters. Health, career, promotion, promotion Real estate agent, land for sale, house for sale, easy to let, easy to sell, online seller Sales exceeded the target, even for gamblers or lottery fans. Always get the winning numbers.

When villagers have their wishes fulfilled, they often come back to make offerings. As requested Statue of Pu Thao Wessuwan (Chao Sua Ruaysap) for example showing a movie in the open air. Hire the famous sweet-voiced troupe Likay, or Khon, from a large theater to perform live. Offer red flowers, red cloth, red water, garlands, black offerings, chocolate, or even yourself, who asks for blessings on the dancer along with the dancers themselves. The temple is open for the public to pay homage to Pu Thao Wessuwan from 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. every day.

In this regard, Sri Samoson Temple, Khlong 7 is having a big merit-making event. “Kathina Samakkhi” will be held on Sunday, November 12, 2023, by all the congregants. You can join the merit-making event or transfer to make merit and collect merit points at 3072016467, Wat Sri Samoson’s account. Siam Commercial Bank.

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