Screening of a movie on the 100th anniversary Ton Khoi - fix
04 Oct 2023

Screening of a movie on the 100th anniversary Ton Khoi offering Make the lottery accurate and get rich by hundreds of thousands. Open the incense number to guess the next draw.

Show a movie to make a vow to the hundred-year-old Khoi tree. Give 2 lottery numbers with exactly the right numbers. Get rich in the hundreds of thousands. Open the incense stick numbers to guess the next draw.

On October 3, 2023, reporters reported that last night At Ban Beng Temple, Village No. 2, Sri Narong Subdistrict, Chumphon Buri District, Surin Province, a group of villagers gathered to ask for lucky numbers from a hundred-year-old Khoi tree. Inside Ban Beng Temple which the villagers believe must have something sacred residing there Previously, villagers had come to ask for good fortune from this Khoi tree. and have been lucky enough to win the lottery many times

Screening of a movie on the 100th anniversary Ton Khoi 2

Most recently, on the past October 1, 2023, there were villagers. (Anonymous) came in to ask for a number by Use incense sticks to guess the numbers, and it turns out the numbers are 69-66. Before taking the numbers to buy lottery tickets, you get the last number 66-69 on many tickets, along with it saying: If you win the lottery, an outdoor movie will be shown for you to watch. Then it appeared that the lottery draw on October 1, 2023, with the first prize coming out as 727202, while the last two digits of the prize came out as 66, appeared to match the prize purchased. and won several prizes and received 100,000 baht, so an outdoor movie was hired to show it as a vow next to him. The aforementioned Ton Khoi According to the contract that was previously given Amidst the atmosphere inside the temple, which is very lonely.

In the next installment to come. Villagers used incense sticks to make fortune telling again. The number obtained is 385, which the villagers will use this number. Take it to try your luck and buy government lottery tickets in the upcoming draw on October 16, 2023. Everyone hopes that the sacred things that reside at the hundred year Khoi tree Will give luck and fortune to the villagers every time for the next period.

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