09 Sep 2023

The cook comes to make a vow to “Garuda” after getting lucky, not forgetting to take out the ping pong jar for “lucky numbers” to go back and win.

Lucky cook offered rice and drinking water as a vow to “Phaya Garuda” at Phai Khaek Temple, Suphan Buri Province, after receiving a large fortune. Don’t forget to pick up the ping pong jar. “Lucky numbers for this draw” go back and have a chance to get rich again 16/9/66

On September 5, 2023, reporters reported that Mrs. Natsiya Thaweephong, 49 years old, a cook by profession, and her husband had traveled from Nonthaburi Province, bringing 30 bags of rice, totaling 150 kg., and 20 packs of drinking water to offer in front of the Phra Phaya. Garuda Parameswara Pang Maharat opens a treasure trove The largest one in Suphanburi Inside Uthumpararam Temple or Wat Phai Khaek Don Pho Thong Subdistrict, Mueang District, Suphanburi Province

After the last period Came to ask for blessings from Father Garuda and King Chang Mahasetthi By saying that If you are lucky, you will bring rice as an offering. to join in making merit At the birthday anniversary of Father Khun Chang Mahasetthi on September 16, before buying two government lottery tickets, number 162681, it appeared that he won the fifth prize and got a fortune of 40,000 baht.

As for the husband who does publishing work I prayed for blessings from Father Khun Chang. Until it caused work to come in that was unbelievable. So I bought things to give as offerings to make merit. Dedicated to Father Garuda and King Chang Mahasetthi And this time, both of them also dug into the ping pong jar and got the Khmer lotto lucky number 810, going back to try their luck for the next draw on 16/9/66.

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