04 Apr 2023

The guy won the prize for 1/4/2023 after getting lucky numbers from AI “ChatGPT”

Thai Guy Just Won 2 Degit Prize of Government Lottery By Using The AI Chat GPT To Check Lotto Probability and Statistic of Past Lottery Result

a young man Facebook post via Patthawikorn Boonrin account, where he asked ChatGPT to calculate the numbers to use to gamble for the government lottery prize draw. The draw of April 1, 2023, in which the numbers ChatGPT calculates are 57, 27, 29, 99, and there are numbers that hit the target, the last 2 digits in the draw are actually the number 99, and get the full amount of money. other

But getting numbers from ChatGPT is not easy, because if you type a question directly with ChatGPT, what numbers will the lottery draw in this draw, you will receive an answer that AI cannot answer? Because it’s about risking luck and the future, along with telling us not to be obsessed. Get out and do something, such as exercising.

This young man therefore had to use a method to create hypothetical events related to numbers. And then enter the data as a lottery statistic going back 10 years, after which the AI ​​will calculate the set of numbers for you

After this story was published, it received the attention of both the lottery fans. and netizens overwhelmingly The number of posts has been shared almost 5 thousand times

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