02 May 2023

Those who believe in the lottery flock to see the lucky lottery, holy water basin, Father Khun Chang, Phai Khaek Temple

At Wat Utum Praram or Phai Khaek Temple, Don Pho Thong Subdistrict, Muang District, Suphan Buri Province, on May 1, there were still gamblers from all over the country traveling to pay respects. make a wish “Father Khun Chang, the billionaire” of Suphan Buri with unceasing faith

by those who come to pray for blessings and ask for good fortune Some people fetch gold jars for good luck. with people from Prachuap Khiri Khan Can reach the number 465, as for the holy water basin, Father Khun Chang, a billionaire Everyone looked at the lucky number, some saw the number 9-1-5, and some saw the number 9-1-8 before picking up a mobile phone to take a picture to try their luck this draw. which are all personal beliefs

In addition, there were still people pouring in to wait in the temple pavilion. To wait for the queue card to enter, good luck, billionaire, King Khun Chang’s heart spell, billionaire on the palm of hand with Reverend Grandfather Dusit Causing booking queues to have to travel and wait for each other across the day Including those who are lucky when they are lucky to bring the factors back to make merit to build the temple of King Khun Chang, a millionaire. Including bringing drinking water, rice to join in the offering

Nowadays, there are people who are interested in coming down. Billionaire fortune King Khun Chang’s heart incantation, the billionaire and the golden face Adding a lot of good fortune make some days Reverend Grandfather Dusit You have to wait to pick up your relatives until 3-4 p.m. 

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