Won the lottery for 3 draws in a row Chao Mae Ta Khian Thong
17 Jul 2023

Won the lottery for 3 draws in a row, the villagers arranged a dance girl to perform “Chao Mae Ta Khian Thong” behind lucky numbers

The villagers arranged a dance to perform the vows. “Chao Mae Takhian Thong” Wat Tham Tong after getting “lucky numbers” until winning the lottery for 3 consecutive draws

Won the lottery for 3 draws in a row Chao Mae Ta Khian Thong 2

On July 14, 2023, reporters reported that Office of Dharma Practice, Wat Tham Tong, Ban Pae Subdistrict, Chom Thong District, Chiang Mai Province There were villagers who had come to worship and invite sacred things. “Chao Mae Takian Thong” which has villagers who come to worship and ask for blessings and get luck Therefore, the ceremony was held this time. by organizing dancers to dance and offer alms throughout the day as well

From questioning, the villagers who came to pay their respects said that they dreamed of seeing the goddess Takian Thong by the Mae Pae River. said that he had lived with this Takian tree for thousands of years I want to come up and make merit together with human beings. which the goddess Takhianthong came to dream every night and said that if the number was won by the lottery, it would be summoned to the shrine by the river Until winning the lottery for 3 consecutive draws, therefore asking for permission from the temple for the ceremony

for Wat Tham Tong Open for Buddhists to come and practice Dharma. amidst the fertile valleys It is shady with evergreen forest plants, with large trees such as wild mangoes, Takhianthong trees, Mahad santol trees, etc. In front of the cave, there is a Mae Pae stream flowing through which the Mae Pae stream is about 1 kilometer away from Tham Tong and is a small waterfall as well.

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