14 Oct 2023

Worried that a “python” would eat a cat, they called rescuers and chased them for more than 2 hours. Lottery players asked to see their lucky numbers.

Afraid that a “python” was going to eat the cat, the homeowner notified rescuers to help hunt down the snake. They smashed the ceiling and hunted for more than 2 hours before they were captured. Villagers flocked to look at house numbers to try their luck.

In the middle of the night on October 14, 2023, Radio Center, Rescue Unit, Sawang Rojanatham Sathan Foundation, Sattahip. Received a request for assistance from Residents of house number 2234/66, Sattahip Subdistrict, Sattahip District, Chonburi Province, said they had found a large python. Hiding in the house Tried to come and eat more than 10 pet cats and feared that people in the house would be harmed. Please help catch and release them back into nature.

The crime scene was a 2-story wooden house. The upper floor had 2 bedrooms. The owner of the house used it to keep cats. Male and female lived in separate rooms. There is a mesh grill completely surrounding it. As for the python that the homeowner found Slithered into a crevice in the ceiling. Trying to find a way to crawl and devour the cat in the room.

Initially, the rescue team was trying to find a way to catch the snake. But it can’t be done. Because the ceiling is made of solid cement panels. The homeowner decided to have rescuers break open the ceiling. But the operation was difficult. Because snakes are agile. When you know where the officers are It will crawl away and go to another place. It’s been like this for dozens of times. The ceiling was smashed and damaged in many places. It took more than two hours of chasing before the snake was captured.

Homeowner’s side and villagers living in the neighborhood Different people saw the event. They spoke with the same voice: I’ve seen snakes show their heads many times before. Therefore it is believed that This python may be a powerful snake. I have lived in this house for a long time. And it may bring good fortune this time.

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